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        1. Detail

          Ammonium sulphate

          English name: Ammonium sulphate
          Molecular formula: (NH4)2SO4
          Molecular weight: 132.13
          CAS NO.: 7783-20-2
          HS CODE: 31022100
          Properties: pure product is colorless crystal or white crystalline powder. Easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and acetone.
          Uses: this product is widely used in metallurgy, pharmaceutical, leather, wood preservative, textile, electroplating, and other industries.
          Standard: (GB535-1995)

          Item Superior grade
          Appearance White crystal, no visible mechanical impurities
          Nitrogen (as dry basis), % ≥20.5
          Moisture (H2O), % ≤1.0
          Free acid (H2SO4) % ≤0.14

          Packing: 25/50kg plastic woven bag.