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          Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

          English name: Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (Calcium Nitrate granular)
          Molecular formula: 5Ca(NO3)2•NH4NO3 •10H2O
          Molecular weight: 1080.71
          CAS NO.: 15245-12-2
          HS CODE: 31026000
          Properties: White round granule, easily soluble in water
          Uses: This product is new and efficient compound fertilizer that can be used in greenhouse and farmland.



          Item  Unit Agricultural grade
          Total nitrogen content %≥ 15.5  
          Nitrate nitrogen content % 14.0-14.4
          Ammonia nitrogen content % 1.1-1.3
          Ammonium nitrate content % 6-10
          Calcium nitrate content %≥ 76
          Calcium content %≥ 18.5
          Calcium oxide content %≥ 26
          Water insoluble matter %≤ 0.2
          Iron %≤ 0.005   
          Nitrate %≤ 0.05  
          PH value   5.6-6.8

          2 -4mm


          Packing: plastic bag or paper-plastic composite bag lined with plastic bag, net weight is 25/50/500/ 1000KG.
          Storage and transportation: Sealed in a cool and dry warehouse.The packaging must be sealed and moisture resistant. During the transport process to prevent rain and sun exposure.